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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-12-01Studies on coastal dynamics of cauvery delta shoreline using remotely sensed dataSathyanarayan sridhar, R; Elangovan, K
1994-05-31Studies on two dimensional surface buoyant jetsRudramoorthy, R; Subramanyan, S
1994-10-31Investigations on strategic quality management through model analysis and development of an expert system for quality circle programmesDevadasan, S R; Aravindan, P
1997-01-31Certain investigations on AC voltage controllers with RLE loadGeetha, K; Subbiah, V
1997-04-30Studies on application of concurrent engineering concept for the design and development of reduction speed gearboxesGandhinathan, R; Srivatsavan, R
1997-07-31Crystallographic studies on some organic molecules of biological and pharmacological interestVelavan, R; Subramanian, K
1997-10-30A simulation study of the priority dispatching rules for scheduling in multi level assembly job shopsMohanasundaram, K M; Radhakrishnan, P
1998-10-31Design of neural network classifiers for pattern recognition applicationsChitra, A; Sivanandam, S N
1999-03-22Design of neural network classifiers for pattern recognition applicationsChitra, A; Sivanandam, S N
1999-07-09Design of some specific and hybrid architectures of Neural networks, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms and their ApplicationsG A Vijayalakshmi, Pai; Rajasekaran, S
1999-08-31Investigations on loss producing events in manufacturing enterprises and control through risk management strategySundararaj, G; Aravindan, P
2000-03-01Some refinements to boriding processesGopalakrishnan, P; Ramakrishnan, S S
2001-03-01Studies on weldability of a quenched and tempered high strength low alloy steelBalusamy, V; Ramakrishnan, S S
2001-05-31Study of temperature and velocity field predictions of warm water flow through a reservoirMayilsamy, K; Rudramoorthy, R
2001-10-31Financial accounting of quality circle programme ISO 9000 series quality system models and TFMEA techniqueKarthikeyan, M; Devadasan, S R
2001-10-31Development of new algorithms for test generation and simulation of stuck at faults in logic circuitsBhuvaneswari, M C; Sivanandam, S N
2001-12-28Synthesis of metastable structures in copper base alloy systems by mechanical alloyingSubramanian, R; Ramakrishnan, S S
2002-01-31Studies on design and manufacturing aspects of precision journal bearingsRanganathan, g; Mohanram, p v
2002-01-31Certain investigations on the recognition of epileptic patterns in electroencephalograph signalsNeelaveni, R; Gurusamy, G
2002-02-28Design and exploration of strategic maintenance quality engineering modelMuthu, s; Devadasan, S R