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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02-27Solution combustion synthesis process parameter optimization and characterization of strontium substituted hydroxyapatite nanocrystalsKavitha, M; Subramanian, R
2011-01-07Experimental investigations on wear and machining characterisitics of aluminium hybrid compositesVelmurugan, C; Subramanian, R
2011-10-14Investigations on tribological behaviour of aluminium alloy metal matrix and hybrid compositesDharmalingam, S; Subramanian, R
2009-07-31Characterization of mechanically alloyed yttria dispersed 9cr martensitic steelKavithaa, s; Subramanian, R
2020-11-11Experimental investigation on Mechanical tribological and Machining behaviour of centrifugally Cast in situ reinforced functionally Graded compositesSaiyathibrahim, A; Subramanian, R
2016-02-12Production and characterisation of hybrid aluminium boron carbide graphite compositesThirumalai, T; Subramanian, R
2019-01-25Investigations on production and Characterization of surface Modified cuni composite using Friction stir processingSuganya priyadharshini, G; Subramanian, R
2016-06-03Synthesis oxide dispersion strengthened nickel base superalloy by mechanical alloyingMohan, Monika; Subramanian, R
2016-11-14Synthesis and property evaluation of zircon and alumina zircon reinforced a356 alloy composites in age hardened conditionSathish kumar, T; Subramanian, R
2013-07-19Investigations on dry sliding wear machining and corrosion behaviour of aluminium metal matrix compositesShanmughasundaram, P; Subramanian, R