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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01A feasibility study on the development of hard and strong bainitic steels in medium and high carbon low alloy steels by short transformationsThillairajan, K; Balusamy, V
2016Equal channel angular pressing of commercially pure aluminium copper and titaniumPraveen, B; Balusamy, V
2015-01-30A Feasibility Study on the Development of Hard and Strong Bainitic Steels in Medium and High Carbon Low Alloy Steels by Short TransformationsThillairajan, K; Balusamy, V
2015-08-13A Study on Magnetically Impelled ARC Butt MIAB Welding of Carbon Steel Tubes and Low Alloy Steel TubesSivasankari, R; Balusamy, V
2020-03-12A Study on Effect of Filler Metals and Heat Input on Weldability of Inconel 617 And Inconel 718 Alloys and Improvement of Weldability Through Ultrasonic VibrationThavamani, R; Balusamy, V
2013-06-20Studies on Joining of Ti 6al 4v With Inconel 718 and Stainless Steel 304l By Diffusion Bonding and Friction WeldingKrishnamoorthi, J; Balusamy, V
2016-09-23Equal Channel Angular Pressing of Commercially Pure Aluminium Copper and TitaniumPraveen, B; Balusamy, V
2001-03-01Studies on Weldability of a Quenched and Tempered High Strength Low Alloy SteelBalusamy, V; Ramakrishnan, S S
2013-07-09Study on the Effect of Process Parameters in Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Aluminum AlloysPadmanaban, R; Balusamy, V
2009-07-31Studies on Weldability of Thermomechanically Control Processed Vanadium-Titanium Containing Hsla SteelVenkatesan, K; Balusamy, V